A unique opportunity to access 5+ years of research and development in sleep health management by a world-class team of investigators.  The Alertness CRC has built an impressive body of work in alertness, fatigue and sleep diagnostics, management and treatment for consumer, enterprise/workforce and clinical applications. The outputs of this work range from proprietary data, hardware & sensing devices,  software, algorithms and  mobile applications to products being commercialized through collaborations with third parties.  The CRC continues to explore opportunities for the use and commercialization of its work through investment, licensing and strategic partnerships. The materials below provide an overview of this exciting opportunity.

Introductory Video:


Output Profiles: more detailed descriptions of individual Alertness CRC projects. 

Alertness CRC Website: www.alertnesscrc.com

Alertness CRC is exploring a range of options to further the use of its research, technology and products and is open to speaking with a range of interested entities from investors to licensees and commercialization partners. Contact Myron Kassaraba, MJK Partners here.