MJK Partners’ principal and Managing Director, Myron Kassaraba, has a long history of bringing new technologies and products to market – working on strategic initiatives at large companies, closing major seven-figure technology licensing deals and the sale of ten’s of millions dollars of patents and intellectual property as a Partner at a leading IP Strategic Advisory firm. Here are some examples:


Co-founded Applied Videotex Systems (AVS), which pioneered local advertising-supported online services and operated Boston CitiNet. He lead leadership positions at InfoPlus, the publisher of the Talking Phonebook yellow pages directory, color scanner/printer pioneer – Howtek, and Edsun Labs, a graphics chip start up.


Led the sales/business development of Kodak’s Color Management System (KCMS), which he licensed to multiple vendors, including Microsoft for Windows 95.

Managed Kodak’s Corporate Alliances Group, and founded and led the Developer Relations Group. Served as VP of Business Development at Fidelity’s Interactive Group and at Trellix, where he was responsible for partnerships and alliances in the rapid growth phase of the Internet. At Trellix, he developed the ASP business initially through a partnership/license/equity investment with Lycos.

Early 2000’s

Formed MJK Partners and provided strategic advisory and consulting services to a range of clients, including Ambient Devices, OutSmart Power Systems, Progress Software, ULocate/Where.com and Zeetoo.

Served as the head of technology licensing for Mitsubishi Electric’s Research Labs (MERL). At MERL, he was responsible for licensing the Saffron Type System to Adobe/Macromedia for use in Flash and Monotype Imaging. In addition to being used for rendering the type in Flash, Saffron is now used on the Amazon Kindle and Blackberry Q smartphones.

Between his work at Kodak and MERL, Myron has licensed technologies that are found in hundreds of millions of desktops, browsers, tablets and mobile devices.


Joined Pluritas, a leading IP Advisory firm, where he was Partner – Strategic Advisory & Transactions. In this role, Myron managed client relationships, provided strategic consulting on IP monetization matters, and ran the firm’s outbound patent sales efforts. He was personally involved in selling multiple portfolios in transactions totaling over $35 million dollars. Buyers have included Allied Security Trust, Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, Intellectual Ventures, Interdigital, Mosaid, Rational Patent Exchange (RPX), Samsung and SONY. Sellers have included: AT&T, ECD Systems, Geocom, Hyperroll, Miralink, Northbrook Digital, ObjectFX, Pitney Bowes, Verizon and Zoltar.


Re-started MJK Partners, LLC. Provided transaction and advisory services to a range of clients. Facilitated the sale of several companies including Made with Mischief (the Foundry), AXUS Travel App (Northstar Travel Group), Double Blue Sports.  Consulted with Alertness CRC (Australia), Microcontinuum and others.


Joined MIT’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) as a Licensing Officer for AI/Sofware.

2022- Present

Full-time as Director of Commercialization at Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation (https://cri.northeastern.edu/).