As of July 2022, I am full-time as Director of Commercialization at Northeastern’s Center for Research Innovation ( Feel free to reach out if you have a need and I would happy to provide a referral.

We focus on working with new innovations and those creating them in emerging fields of technology. We provide sage advice on the best options for the commercialization of those innovations. Our particular expertise is in selling, licensing or forming strategic partnerships to accelerate your return on invention.

: providing technical assessment, market analysis and customer testing to develop strategies and plans for the commercialization and transfer of technologies.

Lab-to-License® : Developed over many years of practice the service assess the licensing potential of technologies in corporate research labs, university labs or in a startup’s garage.Lab-to-License® recommends the best options based on technology, market and client needs.  In some cases new disruptive technologies can support the creation of a new venture built to commercialize resulting products or services. In other cases, the technology is a valuable component or enhancement to existing products or requires significant scale or channel access for commercialization. In those cases, a licensing, strategic alliance or tech-transfer approach may be the best path to gain adoption of the technology and provide both monetary return and gratification to the inventors.  Lab-to-License™ looks at the important factors that enable technologies to be successfully transferred to partners or licensees.  Please contact us for more information on how Lab-to-License™ can assist you in your technology commercialization efforts.

Founder Readiness: working with startup founders to determine how prepared a prospective founder is to undertake the startup journey. The engagement can provide founders and their advisors or investors an objective assessment and recommendations for what type of training or support services would be most valuable for a specific individual.

Transactions: managing entire transaction process for the sales, licensing or partnering of technologies. This begins with the assessment and includes the execution of the transaction from developing the value proposition and sales materials, to identifying and approaching prospects to supporting diligence, to negotiation and completion of the deal.

Technology Scouting: our years of experience and extensive network allows us act as an effective scout to find technologies at small start-ups, in university labs or at large companies. This can be done on a project or retainer basis.