MJK Partners is representing Zephyr Energy & Northeastern University (NEU) on the sale/license of Zephyr’s – Windbeam™ Micro Wind Energy Generator technology & IP. The Windbeam technology was developed at NEU and is exclusively licensed to Zephyr Energy.

WindbeamLEDphoto The WindbeamTM micro wind energy generator captures energy from airflow to recharge batteries and power electronic devices.

• The platform technology can be scaled and optimized for a wide variety of applications
• Windbeam’s novel design allows it to operate in wind speeds as low as 2 mph
• Peak power generation from current prototypes range from 6 mW to 3 W
• Very low cost to manufacture
• Silent and safe operation


The base US patent covering the technology has been allowed and a second patent is pending. We are interested in speaking with companies that have applications where this type of renewable power source can be of use. Some of the target applications include HVAC (sensors & actuators), emergency preparedness and disaster response as well as consumer or educational electronics.

For more information see: Zephyr Energy Page