Technology Commercialization Opportunity

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) with the assistance of MJK Partners, is exploring commercialization options for its Z-Fuse™ 3D Printing Technology.  Located in Cambridge, MA, MERL is the North American arm of the Corporate R&D organization of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. More information:

The Z-Fuse technology produces 3-5 times stronger thermoplastic/fused filament 3D parts with no change to the materials. The approach uses a stress analysis of the part to generate a Z-Fuse strengthening structure, which is based on the insight that laydown paths need not be based on simple incremental slices in the Z-dimension. This technology/IP is applicable to FDM/FFF 3D printing systems and can be applied to existing printers with z-climbing ability or to a new category of 5-axis printers. MERL has developed a suite of software and techniques for analyzing 3D printed parts and optimizing their strength using Z-Fuse Technology.

We are looking to speak to parties in the 3D industry with an interest in exploring application of the technology or possible relationships for commercialization.  If you are interested, please contact Kent Wittenburg, MERL Director of Licensing, wittenburg [at] merl [dot] com or Myron Kassaraba, MJK Partners, LLC, myron [at] mjkpartners [dot] com.

Overview Presentation:

Download Overview Presentation here: MERL Z-Fuse™ 3D Printing Technology Overview

Lab Demonstration Video:

Technical Publication:

Strengthening ABS, Nylon, and Polyester 3D Printed Parts by Stress Tensor Aligned Deposition Paths and Five-Axis Printing: , International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, August 2016

Press coverage: